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International calls to Kenya

Have already tired of complicated international dialing instruction?! Your numerous attempts are ended up in failure? Stop wasting your time! Our website is your main Helper in making international calls all over the world! We tell you how to calling from country to country as quickly as possible! All needed information and instructions is available on our website.

Dialing number from the USA or Canada

The technology of dialing phone number while making a call from USA or Canada to Kenya is the same.

USA/Canada IDD + Kenya Country Code + Receptionist’s phone

The IDD (International Direct Dial) is the code you need to dial at the start of any international call. Different countries, according to its location, have their own IDD. After dialing IDD, you specify the code of the country where you are dialing to. The Receptionist’s phone should be dialed the last.

We have the following numbers to dial: 011 - USA/Canada exit code to dial outside these countries; 254 – Country Code to dial to Kenya; the Receptionist number – the phone number of a person whom are you going to call internationally.

011 + 254 + Receptionist’s phone number

Kenya Country Code - 254

Dialing number from any country abroad

If you need to make an international call to Kenya not from USA or Canada, but from any another country follow this instruction:

Landline: IDD + Kenya Country Code + Area code + Receptionist’s phone

The technology of dialing phone number is almost the same as given below. You need only add Area code of one of Kenya’s city. The list of all Area Codes is available on our website. Select only the code of the city which will be needed to make a call.

Let’s make a call from Cameroon (Yaounde) to Kenya (Nairobi)! We have to dial the following numbers:

00+254 + 20 + Receptionist’s phone

00 – IDD

It is dialed to start international calling from Cameroon.

254 - Kenya Country Code.

It is dialed to call to Kenya.

20 – Area Code for Nairobi.

It is the area code to dial to Nairobi.

Receptionist’s phone is the phone number of someone whom you are calling to.

Mobile phones: IDD + 254 (Kenya Country Code) + Receptionist’s phone

Choose IDD from our list of International codes; add Kenya country Code (254) and 9 digits of the Receptionist phone. That’s all you need to do!

Notice! Area codes are used only for land phones. But not for mobile phones! Don’t add ‘+’ plus sign between codes while dialing the number!